LS CONVERSION SUMP, suit HQ-WB and Torana's HOT RODS, and other customs

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LS CONVERSION SUMP, suit HQ-WB and Torana's HOT RODS, American Body cars and other customs


   Sand cast aluminum oil pan – no leaking from fabricated/welded seams
• THE most universally designed LS engine swap conversion oil pan ever.
• Designed for swaps in to F-bodies (1st - 3rd), G-bodies, A-bodies, street rods & trucks
• Thick cast pan rail maintains the pan as a stressed member
• Innovative oiling circuitry with -10AN fittings eliminates need for expensive adapters for remote oil coolers & oil filter
• Uses production pan gasket for perfect seal (Sold Separately)
• Maintains factory oil filter location
• Cored and baffled for excellent oil control in Pro Touring, Auto Crossing & Road Racing applications
• “Cast-in” clearance fits most production windage trays or Mast LS short stroker windage tray
• Short front pan depth fits any chassis
• Optimum sump balances oil capacity and tight fit/low ground clearance for most applications
• Sump baffle cover included
• Oil drain on driver side of sump
• Runs standard GM oil filters
• Optional remote cooler fittings for easy, inexpensive oil routing options
• Optional cap and fittings for remote filter and cooler routing options
• Includes oil pickup to fit almost any stroke
• Enlarged oil passage holes for reduced oil pressure losses
• Internal cross drill eliminate external oil loop cap when using standard filter
• Production GM pressure relief valve bypass built into pan

The following parts are required to complete your oil pan installation.

  • Dipstick - GM Part Number 12570788
  • Dipstick Tube - GM Part Number 12570787
  • LS Oil Pan Gasket - GM Part Number 12612350
  • Oil Filter - AC Delco PN PF-46 or Equivalent

If using a Remote Oil Cooler, Oil Filter or Accumulator you MUST use our specially designed fittings. Failure to use these fittings will result in engine failure.