Pliable progressive polyurethane seal.
100% polyurethane construction.
Deepest pleats in the industry with minimal wicking.
Factory pre-oiled non-surfactant containing refined oil.
Washable/reusable cotton gauze media.
Tight seal without gaskets or sealants.
Withstands extreme engine temperatures for extended-service live.
Improved airflow, filtration, and dust-holding capacity.
Larger filtration area for more airflow.
Will not damage sensitive electronic sensors.
The last filter you will buy for your vehicle.
aFe's high performance, high flow air filter feature 100% engineering grade polyurethane that insures a flexible, tight seal.  
For additional insurance against any possibility of leakage, we have designed small ridges into the flange.
Another feature that we design into our filters is either a full-velocity stack that you see here or a modified velocity stack which is a straight 45degree angle cut.  These velocity stack allow the air to smoothly bend around the inlet into the throttle.  The result is that you get more airflow at a better velocity than if you had just a straight tube. 
Our filters are built to let the engine breathe better even as the filter gets dirty.  
The multiple layers of cotton gauze are sandwiched between two layers of epoxy coated aluminum screen and pleated like a lamp shade.  
When the gauze is oiled like our filters are, these strands attract dirt and dust particles. 
One or two layers would allow dirt and dust particles to pass through, therefore we stack multiple layers with progressively tighter mesh to catch progressively smaller and smaller particles, as small as 2 microns in size.  The aluminum screen holds the layers in place and protects the cotton gauze. 
We design our filters differently than other cotton gauze filters. We design our filters to have the tallest pleats, there two reasons for this:
1) Taller pleats mean more filter material to hold the dirt 
2) Taller pleats mean that the pleats can be spaced out more to let more air through.We also have a different pleat geometry than others.  Take a look at ours.  See the rounded tips like a dolphin's nose.  Others are more triangular and pointed.  
This rounded design allows the air to flow more efficiently around the tops of the pleats.  Not only that, because it is rounded, the pleats aren't tightly pinched and let air flow through the tops and bottom of the pleats.  
These features allow our filters to breathe better. 

Velocity recommends that you use only an aFe restore kit to clean and re-oil your filter. 
This will ensure that the filter will be returned to factory condition upon cleaning. 
Use of any other oil products may void your aFe filter warranty.